Should I Learn to Play the Guitar?

Many people that love music and have always wanted to learn an instrument ask, “Should I learn to play the guitar?”  Below I have listed some reasons you might consider if you are on the fence about learning but I want to say straight away that if you are even asking the question then the answer is, “Absolutely!!!”  Of course you should!  Just the fact that you have a desire to give it a try is reason enough to go ahead and do it.  But if you are looking for some other reasons why you should, here are a few to think about.

Why Should I Learn to Play the Guitar?

1.  You never know if you like it or not until you give it a try!  Most things in life work this way.  I recently took a motorcycle safety course to learn how to ride a motorcycle.  It looked like fun to me but I had never ridden so I figured I should give it a try and find out.  I loved it!  Guitar is the same way.  You need to get a guitar and try it out.  I have seen people that were so excited to learn to play the guitar only to find out that they didn’t have time, didn’t really enjoy it, or just got bored.  But I have also seen people that tried it and absolutely fell in love with playing.  It really is the best feeling the first time you play a song and actually have a friend start singing along because you nailed it!!

2.  It is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play.  I am not saying you will pick it up and be Eric Clapton by the end of the first week, but you can definitely be playing some basic songs by the end of the first week with a bit of practice.  That is why so many people learn to play the guitar.  Picking up the basics doesn’t have to take that long and you will be absolutely shocked at how many songs you can play just by learning 3 or 4 chords (especially when you use a capo….something you will fall in love with I promise!!)

3.  Playing guitar is a great way to meet people!  Musicians automatically attract other musicians, as well as people who just love music.  And just about everyone I know loves music of some kind.  Most people love it when someone breaks out the guitar at the park or around a campfire so everyone can join in or just listen.  Music brings people together (and for the guys….chicks do dig it!!)

4.  I asked a friend of mine why she started playing the guitar.  She had grown up playing the oboe for many years and she simply said she wanted to play an instrument where she could sing as well.  I had never thought of that but it is definitely an instrument that allows for and encourages you to not only play, but learn to sing as well.

5.  Getting started playing the guitar doesn’t have to be expensive.  If you start off on an acoustic guitar all you need is a guitar, a few picks, and a book of chords (or a video, online program, or teacher depending on how you want to start learning).  Heck, if you happen to have friends that play guitar you may even be able to borrow everything to get started.  Try learning to play a drum set or a piano on the cheap like that!

6.  Playing guitar is quiet enough to be personal if you don’t want to be heard and also quiet enough not to disturb the entire house like practicing drums or a trumpet or something.  It isn’t the only instrument that this is true about but it is probably the most popular one that this is true about.  Even if you move on to an electric guitar that requires an amplifier, pretty much all amplifiers have a place to plug in headphones so you can be rocking out in your own little world.  Perfect for when you want to shred loudly to yourself when you get some skills, but also perfect for when you don’t have any idea what you are doing and still sound terrible…ha!

I am sure I have missed some very good reasons why you should learn to play the guitar, but these are a few I think are worth considering.  Jump in and do it!  I promise that, even if you decide it isn’t for you, that you will be glad you did.  Even if you hate it you have learned something about yourself.  If you spend the whole time you are playing the guitar wishing you were drumming then you may have just discovered that you are a drummer in the making and there is not harm in that.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Here’s to your guitar playing future!!